screenshot 1

1  Go outside and drag the ruler on the map next to the object you wish to measure. If GPS is inaccurate, you can use the GPS switch to disable it, and drag the user to your current location. Press the play button to go to the camera view.

screenshot 2

2  Aim the camera in the direction of your object. The scale of the ruler corresponds to the size of the object. If necessary, place the ruler in front of you with the arrow button (on iPhone 4), or press the arrow switch to keep the ruler fixed in front of you (on iPhone 3gs). You can also touch the screen and drag to adjust the ruler's direction. Note that this does not affect its distance! Press the pause button to measure the object's height, or return to the map with the map button .

screenshot 3

3  While paused, touch the screen and drag to move the horizontal bar and see its height. You can take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the home and power buttons on your device. Return to the map or camera views with or .
DISCLAIMER  Please note that hiRise is intended for indicative measurements only. Although the utmost care has been taken to ensure that the underlying computations are correct, inaccuracies in sensor or map data, as well as possible programming errors may cause inaccurate results. In other words, don't use hiRise to check the length of your bungee cord!